Josep Barceló Estelrich


Born in Palma de Mallorca, 1975

Canyoning instructor and guide (graduated 2000)
Mountain sports technician. Co-founder of O2aventures
Director of EBAM (Mountain Activities Balearic School)
EBAM instructor
President of the Sports Club O2
Member of the Balearic Mountaineering Federation (FBM)
Member of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports (FEDME)
GEM (Majorcan Hiking Group) Committee Staff (secretary, 2002-2008)

Passionate for the mountain world since childhood, he practised mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, caving and canyoning in the 5 continents, but his major passion is the Serra de Tramuntana.

Specialist in canyoning, he has participated in all aspects of this activity: Research. First explorer of several canyons (Ses Bardes, Ses Serres, Salt den Moixina, Torrent s’Esmorcador, Volat des Voltor, etc). Collaboration in expeditions to locate midwife toad (ferreret, Alytes muletensis) populations (Torrent des Gorg de sa Figuera), and to carry out topography and individuals counts. He has published divulgative articles in several medi; he is a radio and TV contributor, and he has collaborated in film campaigns and he has taught in formal education centres.

Professional and vocational guide, he has descended more than 70 canyons in Majorca and he has participated in all sorts of projects: business, sports and research. He has worked in retrofitting and maintenance equipment in canyons and via-ferrata

Montarto de Aran (1992), Sierra de Gredos, Almanzor (1993), Huascarán, Tuco (Andes Peruanos) 1994-95, Darjeeling – Phal (Himalaya Indio) 1996, Annapurna base campo (Himalaya nepalí) 1997, Monte Rosa (1998 ), Andes Bolivianos (1999), Mont Blanc (2000), Pirineo Aragonés y catalán (2001), Isla de la Reunión (2001), Gorgues de Llech / San Vicente-Canigó (2002), Travesía Laos-China (2002), Sierra de Guara (2003), Chapada Diamantina (Brasil) 2003, Cuchilla del Toa (Cuba) 2005, Isla Santo Antao (Cabo Verde) 2005.





Rafael Romero Perea


 Born in Palma de Mallorca, 1982

Canyoning instructor and guide (graduated 2010)
Mountain sports technician
Climbing volunteer guide (graduated 2012)
Co-founder of O2aventures
Secretary EBAM (Mountain Activities Balearic School)
EBAM instructor
Secretary of the Sports Club O2
Member of the Balearic Mountaineering Federation (FBM)

Passionate for the mountain, in very young ages he discovered canyoning trained by Pep Barceló; this activity fascinated him and he currently practises it professionally with o2aventures and vocationaly as a guide, participating in different canyoning expeditions, first explorations, and retrofits in Majorca. Sport climbing also occupies an important part of his life, discovering the wonderful walls of the Serra de Tramuntana.


Parc Natural d’Aigües Tortes (2000), Sierra del Canigó (2002, 2012), Sierra de Guara (2012), India (2008), Madeira (2013), Ticino (2014), Lombardia (2014), Ecrins (2015)